Urban Sustainability Issues

Did you know that 97% of America’s geography is considered rural? In spite of this, the Washington Post estimates that a whopping 80% of America’s population lives in cities. A similar problem exists in other countries all around the world. Urban centers create and contribute to an ever-growing list of urban sustainability issues. Many environmentalists might […]

What is Corporate Sustainability

For a company to survive today’s ever-changing economy, it is important to prioritize sustainability. By looking for more sustainable ways to do business, a company can ensure it continues to operate in the foreseeable future and beyond. Sustainable practices allow it to outlive its competitors and even absorb the customers those competitors leave behind when […]

The Gift of COVID-19

Looking Positively Through Tough Times COVID19 has done little to disrupt the worldview of most white-collar employees working from comfortable homes in the suburbs. If anything, quarantine has intensified our society’s addiction to fossil fuels and heightened the desire for near-immediate gratification of whims via next-day delivery. As proof, the May Day Amazon and Target […]

Creating a More Resilient World From the Pandemic

5 Eco-Friendly Food Trends for 2020 The tragedy of the global COVID-19 pandemic is causing a great deal of pain and suffering. This is a fact that cannot be denied. However, what we take from the lessons we are now learning will shape who we become and what happens to our world, going forward. We […]

Food Trends that are Eco-Friendly for 2020

Spilling the beans per se in food knowledge The National Restaurant Association issued its annual report of food trends that the industry is excited about. Sweet heat flavors and CBD snacks were on the list, as were revamped classic cocktails. Many of the biggest trends relate to items that are better for the environment. Last […]