Living sustainable may feel like battle some days. Fortunately, there are rewards for individuals who are committed to living a sustainable lifestyle. Explore the 5 benefits of sustainable living in your personal life and stay encouraged in your daily commitment to this lofty goal.

1. Improve Your Mental Health

The state of your environment is linked with your mental health. According to the UN Environment Programme, there is a link between air pollution and mental illness. Living in areas of high air pollution can not only lead to physical damage but may be linked to dementia, anxiety, depression and risk of suicide.

Improve your mental health by committing to live a sustainable lifestyle. Whether you spend more time in areas with fresh air, promote responsible management of the environment in your local community or commit to reducing your own air pollution, these small steps can have a major impact on the mental health of you and your neighbors.

2. Reduce Your Contribution To Landfills

Landfills are areas of pollution that can affect local water and air quality. There are currently 3,091 active landfills in America. These use plastic liners and other strategies to prevent contamination in the environment, but there has been evidence in the past of landfills leaking into the groundwater and affecting the local environment.

Practicing sustainability in your personal life can limit the size of a nearby landfill. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re part of the solution for reducing the need for these sites scattered across the country.

3. Support Fair Trade in Your Community

As a consumer, you have the power to support local businesses that are fighting for sustainability in their industries. Give back to your neighbors and community members by supporting small businesses and Fair Trade products in your local area.

Fair Trade is an effort to spread fair wage practices and workplace protections to workers in areas that may not have these protective measures. Sustainability isn’t just about your local community; your daily shopping habits can support sustainable lifestyles throughout the globe.

4. Protect Biodiversity in Your Environment

You can improve your local biodiversity by planting a community garden. This not only provides fresh product for you and your neighbors but also helps protect wildlife corridors. Urban and suburban areas often eliminate the green spaces necessary to support local wildlife. Local plants and animals need green spaces for their nests, burrows and food.

5. Save Money on Your Monthly Bills

Look for energy-efficient home options to save money while living a life of sustainability. There are plenty of modern technologies that can reduce your electrical and fuel consumption. Consider using one of these technologies to save money while reducing the use of unsustainable resources:

Keep up the fight for sustainable living. Some tips you can start today, while others require a long-term investment to fulfill. Learn the latest environment news and information at Everything Sustainable. Stay encouraged and enjoy these five benefits as you look for more ways to protect the environment and reduce unsustainable personal practices.